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Anthony Bourdain Showed Us All What It Means to Be an LGBT Ally

Today brings the sad news that Anthony Bourdain is dead at 61, and we celebrate his life by remembering what a true ally he was

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Let’s Honor the Legacy of Director Milos Forman by Taking a Look at Some of His Best Films

Famed director Milos Forman died Friday at the age of 86; we honor the Czech-born master by taking a look at five of his best films

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Goodbye Spaceboy: 12 Videos That Explain David Bowie’s 50-Year Career

From “Space Oddity” through “Lazarus,” here’s a look at 50 years of songs written and performed by the late David Bowie

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Why Are Gay Porn Performers Dropping Like Flies?

Jasper Robinson is the third well-known gay porn performer to die in the last two months. What’s happening and how can we get it to stop?

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R.I.P. Holly Woodlawn: Trans Pioneer, Sex Worker, Warhol Star, Miss Donut 1968

Warhol superstar Holly Woodlawn had died at the age of 69. The cult superstar has inspired trans women since she hitchhiked to New York as a teenager.

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Mario Weeps 8-Bit Tears As Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passed away on July 11 from a tumor in his bile duct — he was 55. Here’s some reactions and how he revolutionized gaming.

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Italian Willy Wonka, Who Invented Nutella, Dies Italy’s Richest Man with $23.4 Billion

There is an upside to obesity. But the benefits go to the pushers, not the junkies wandering the racks of the local 7-11. The richest man in Italy died yesterday, and it wasn’t an Agnelli of Fiat fame or Berlusconi of Bunga Bunga fame, but the chocolatier who invented Nutella.[…]

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CTRL+ARK+DEL: Arkansas Man Deleted From Partner’s Obituary By Local Paper

An Arkansas man has been deleted from his deceased partner’s obituary by his local paper. Terence James lost his partner of 10 years, John Millican, to spinal meningitis. He was the person to make the decision to turn off the life support that was keeping his partner alive. He was[…]

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RIP Mrs. Taylor, You Will Always Be Fabulous!

Elizabeth Taylor died this morning in Los Angeles, after fighting congestive heart failure for the past two months. She was 79. We are deeply saddened by her passing, as she was truly an idol. Before Gaga, before Madonna, before Barbara Streisand, before any other supposed gay icon, there was Elizabeth[…]

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