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One Direction News and Stories

Slow Your Roll: No, the New Harry Styles Song Doesn’t Necessarily Mean He’s Bi

Some Twitter fans are declaring Harry Styles bisexual because of some newly released song lyrics about dating guys and girls, which is great, but….

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We Love Harry Styles Even More After His Touching Speech About Gay and Transgender People

You have to watch this Harry Styles speech dedicated to the singer’s gay and transgender fans. ‘I love every single one of you,’ he declared

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Harry Styles Candidly Opens Up About His Sexuality

Harry Styles has a brand new album out and during a recent interview promoting it, he candidly opens up about his sexuality

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Donald Trump Kicked One Direction Out of His Hotel for Not Meeting His Daughter

In a story that won’t surprise anyone, Trump forced One Direction out of his New York hotel when they wouldn’t schmooze with his daughter

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