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Life is Terrible and the World Is Burning: Here Are Videos of Guys Deep-Throating Bananas

Banana blowjob videos are basically a sub-genre of homoerotic comedy on YouTube. So we found 10 of the best and shared them with you.

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All Oral Sex is Gay, Warns Batsh*t Crazy Radio Host

“Our precious kids are encouraged to engage ‘safely’ in anal, oral and vaginal sex at younger and younger ages,” warns anti-LGBTQ activist Linda Harvey.

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Two Catholic Priests Lost Their Jobs For Having Oral Sex Near a Children’s Playground

Two Catholic priests have been arrested for performing oral sex in public; the oral sex priests have now lost their jobs with the Archdiocese of Chicago

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In 2018, Miami Newspapers Continue to ‘Out’ and Publicly Shame Gay Men Arrested for Consensual Sex

Florida police conducted a Hollywood sex sting at the Pleasure Emporium. Media later published their pics and names of 13 arrested men. Is this necessary?

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