Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom stole our hearts from the moment he appeared on the big screen back in 2001. Who can forget that cheery-eyed elf with his long blond hair and those overly sensitive eyes? Orlando Bloom has long been a figure of obsession within the gay community. We could watch him stroke that bow and arrow for days on end.

Things really got hot when Bloom decided to go paddle boarding with Katy Perry without his clothes. That nude photo leak almost broke the Internet, as gay men everywhere rushed online to get a peek at Orlando in full bloom.

Graceful, kind and endlessly charming, Bloom is the complete package. He’s a full-fledged Buddhist and a champion of clean energy. And of course, no one can pull off the man bun like this guy. Here’s an ode to one of our favorite man candy celebrities. Join Unicorn Booty as we celebrate all things Orlando.