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Understand Donald Trump With These 5 BBC Documentaries by Adam Curtis

If you’re trying to figure out just what Donald Trump’s going to do next, these documentaries by the BBC’s Adam Curtis may hold the answer

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Dick Cheney’s Outrageously Creepy Photoshopped Book Cover

“This is the cover of Dick Cheney’s new book. The publisher released it yesterday. Remind you of anything? Dick Cheney’s book pictures him in the same suit,and the same shirt, and the same tie, and the same flag pin, and the exact same placement of the flag pin, standing in[…]

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Bush to Obama on Osama: ‘Good Call’

Former President Bush was enjoying a dessert of souffles at a Dallas restaurant with his wife Laura and two friends when he got word that President Obama was trying to reach him. Bush excused himself, went home, and took the call. Speaking to a conference of hedge managers, Bush recalled,[…]

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Barack Obama: Steely-Nerved, Multi-Tasking, Black, Ninja, Gangsta President

Bill Maher is making the gay blog rounds this morning after eviscerating the Republican Party. What exactly is the Republican Party good at these days anyway? The traditionally fiscally conservative and tough on national security GOP threw our country into record debt and failed the capture Osama Bin Laden. Now[…]

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