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Examining the History and Development of the Worst Trope Ever, ‘Bury Your Gays’

LGBTQ people have been asking for representation in TV and film for ages. And eventually we got it — sort of. Because nothing can ever be easy, this representation often came hand-in-hand with possibly the worst trope of all time, commonly referred to as ‘Bury Your Gays.’ The ‘Bury Your[…]

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The Amazing Story of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs and the Birth of Queer Activism

The modern struggle for queer liberation didn’t begin with Stonewall in the 1960s, but 150 years ago with Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

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Stimulate Your Brain With 10 of the Best Sex Museums Around the World

Considering that the sex museums in Paris, Mumbai and Berlin no longer exist, here’s 10 others for some intellectual (and erotic) stimulation.

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Call Me Back, Please: 10 Voicemails From the Mothers of Our Favorite LGBTQ Icons

We dipped into the annals of queer history to discover messages from mothers of LGBTQ icons who found themselves sent to voicemail

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