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Top-Ranking NBA Exec Also Comes Out of the Closet

It’s been quite the weekend for coming out of the closet: the highest ranking executive in the National Basketball Association is gay. Rick Welts, the 58-year old President and CEO of the Phoenix Suns, shocked the NBA when he came out as gay on Sunday. The New York Times again […]

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CNN’s Don Lemon Comes Out of the Closet

When we first read the headlines on the Interwebs – “CNN Anchor Comes Out” – our hearts skipped a beat and we were expecting to see Anderson Cooper’s face as we clicked through. But surprisingly, it was not Anderson but handsome 45-year old anchor Don Lemon. Don Lemon has made […]

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Gay Navy Man Facing Discharge – DADTWTF?

Remember last December when President Obama signed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into law? Have you noticed the months of preparation and training videos made available to the public? We haven’t imagined this, right? So why is Petty Officer 2nd Class Derek Morado facing a three member military […]

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City Council Rivals Out Each Other In Campaign

If you’re looking for an uplifting tale of the best of the LGBT community in political office, you won’t find it in this story. We’re officially creeped the hell out by the Glendale, California City Council. Councilman John Drayman leaked information last weak about Councilman Mike Mohill’s three arrests for […]

If You’re Not With Your Daughter, You’re Against Her

This absolutely incredible poster from an Israeli LGBT Rights organization sums up the issues gay children face when coming out to their parents in just one sentence. We posted the son version earlier in the week, and we’re stoked to show off the one directed at parents of lesbian daughters. […]

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“If You’re Not With Your Son, You’re Against Him”

An absolutely incredible poster sums up the issues gay children face when coming out to their parents in just one sentence. Incredibly poignant and eloquent, the image reads: “If you’re not with your son, you’re against him. If you love your son, love him the way he is. Just listen […]

Coming out: it’s one of the most difficult decisions LGBTQ people have to face. For some, it means having an uncomfortable conversation. For others, it can mean risking absolutely everything. Either way, it’s never easy.

No one can tell you when the time is right for you to come out. But when you’re ready, and in a safe space with the right support network around you, coming out is one of the most powerful things you can do to help yourself and inspire others around you who are still unsure about leaving the closet. From athletes who put their careers on the line for the sake of being true to who they are, to awkward accidental outings, coming out stories might make us laugh, cry or cringe, but they always remind us that we’re never alone. Here are a few of our favorite coming out stories: