Parkland shooting News and Stories

Someone Called a SWAT Team to the Home of Parkland Survivor David Hogg

Today brings news of the David Hogg swatting, thanks to a troll who claimed a hostage situation was happening at the Hogg family home

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Paramount Networks Won’t Show the New ‘Heathers’ Reboot Because School Shootings Keep Happening

Is the Heathers reboot cancelled? It certainly seems that way … at least until another network decides to purchase the edgy dark teenage comedy

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Frivolous or Frightening? A Look at the Twisted Genre of School Shooting Video Games

‘Active Shooter,’ a game about the Parkland shooting, was just pulled from gaming platform Steam, but there have been many more school shooting video games

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LeVar Burton Praises the Parkland Survivors for Speaking Out About Race and America’s Gun Problem

In a new LeVar Burton Parkland essay, the ‘Reading Rainbow’ and ‘Star Trek’ star praises the survivors for speaking out against guns and racism

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