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North Carolina’s Former Governor Can’t Get a Job Because of His Bigoted Bathroom Bill

North Carolina’s trashbag former governor Pat McCrory said that his support for an anti-trans “bathroom bill” is making it hard for him to get a new job. On an interview with a World Radio podcast, according to The News & Observer, McCrory complained, “People are reluctant to hire me, because,[…]

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This GOP Senator Wants to Make It Illegal to Yell at Politicians

North Carolina GOP Senator Dan Bishop wants to protect anti-LGBTQ politicians from the terror of being yelled at by their constituents.

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An Angry Queer Mob Chased Pat McCrory and Friends Down an Alley (Video)

A pro-queer mob chased Pat McCrory, North Carolina’s transphobic ex-governor, down an alley in Washington, D.C., chanting “Shame on you!”

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A Quick Rundown of the Sketchy GOP Power Grab in North Carolina

North Carolina’s Republican-led Congress is railroading through changes that will undermine the effectiveness of the incoming Democratic governor.

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