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25% of Men Who Shave Their Crotches Injure Themselves, But Here’s How to Avoid That

Manscpaing injuries are so common among men who shave their pubic regions that nearly one in four men hurt themselves, but you can easily avoid the hurt

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No More Penis Shame: How to Be Proud of Your Penis, Whatever Its Size and Shape

We live in a culture full of penis shame, with everyone wondering if they are “normal” and having no exposure to the diversity of genitals that exist

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Give the Gift of Gay Vases, Sexy Plates and Penis Planters This Holiday Season (NSFW)

Toronto based Pansy Ass Ceramics makes your Grandma’s china into something a bit more gay

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Gods, Dildos & Penis Pottery: A Visual History of Phallic Sculptures Throughout History

Art history is filled with many instances of penis sculpture. We’ve chosen six of the most prominent examples to show how dicks have changed over time

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