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This Master Pumpkin Carver Is Behind Some of Our Favorite Gay Halloween Creations

There’s your typical Jack O’Lantern carved to celebrate Halloween, and then there’s the work of this master pumpkin carver

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The Christian Right Protested a Mall Drag Show, But That Didn’t Stop This Groundbreaking Event

The Minneapolis mall drag show got some free promotion from the most unlikely of places: the city’s conservative Christian right-wing

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We Literally Can’t Even With This Borderline Transphobic Review of Broadway’s ‘Head Over Heels’

The NYT’s transphobic review of ‘Head Over Heels’ by Ben Brantley is an embarassment, but Queer Twitter wasn’t having any of his misgendering nonsense

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10 Trans Notables React to Scarlett Johansson’s Casting in Upcoming Film ‘Rub & Tug’

When news of Scarlett Johansson’s casting as a trans man in the new film Rub and Tug was shared, the Twitter-sphere blew up with an outcry of anger.

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