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This French Photographer Styled His Dog After Iconic Madonna Images to Fundraise for Her Charity

French photographer Vincent Flouret has created some hilariously iconic Madonna dog shots in his new project entitled, Maxdonna. And it benefits charity

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#ThisWeekInThirst: A Hunky Jeff Goldblum Statue, Penises for Protest and Iceman Gets Laid

From queer Comic-Con events to tatted muscle hunks with puppies, it’s been another thirsty week.

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Wes Anderson’s New Animated Film ‘Isle of Dogs’ Has Some Serious Queer Subtext

It’s beautifully animated, heartfelt and hilarious, but it’s also Anderson’s most political film yet, a byproduct of our dark political times

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Is Wishbone the Literature-Loving Dog the Secret Gay Icon We Never Knew We Needed?

There’s a new Wishbone gay icon theory about the dog from the ’90s-era kids’ TV show, but it’s making us wonder: What is a gay icon, anyway?

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This Facebook Page Pairing UPS Drivers and Dogs Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

If you’re a sucker for a man in uniform, especially when he’s posing with adorable puppies, UPS Dogs will be your new favorite Facebook page

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You’ll Sit Up and Beg for Mike Ruiz’s Steamy ‘Heart Throbs and Hounds’ Calendar

If you like sexy musclemen and adorable animals, then you’ll love Mike Ruiz’s ‘Heart Throbs and Hounds’ 2018 calendar, and it benefits rescue animals too

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Man’s Best Friend: 7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Boyfriends

Here are seven completely unbiased reasons why we happen to like dogs better than stupid, ugly boyfriends named Jeremy

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It’s National Dog Day So Let’s All Stare at Cute Dudes and Their Even Cuter Dogs

It only seems right to gather up pics of the most adorable pups online, and their sexy owners who love to play around with them

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Tom Hardy’s Dog Has Died, and the Actor’s Emotional Tribute Will Make You Ugly Cry

“Thank you, Woody, for choosing to find us. We will love you and be with you, and you with us forever.”

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Analog Watch Co. Launches New Timepiece Made From Your Actual Pet’s Hair

Philadelphia based Analog Watch Co. introduces the first and only timepiece on the market made from customer submitted pet fur and hair

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