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Treat Your Pet: 10 Innovative Products for Your Cuddly Little Friends

We love our pets unconditionally, and any one of these pet essentials will show our fuzzy buddies how much they mean to us

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Here Are 5 Ways to Get Over the Loss of a Pet

It can be absolutely heartbreaking, but there are ways to help yourself get over the loss of a pet

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Man’s Best Friend: 7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Boyfriends

Here are seven completely unbiased reasons why we happen to like dogs better than stupid, ugly boyfriends named Jeremy

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Analog Watch Co. Launches New Timepiece Made From Your Actual Pet’s Hair

Philadelphia based Analog Watch Co. introduces the first and only timepiece on the market made from customer submitted pet fur and hair

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‘My Boyfriend Is Way Too Intimate with His Dog—What Should I Do?’

What do you do when you suspect your loving boyfriend has deeper feelings for man’s best friend than you? Dr. Greg tackles the issue

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The 15 Hottest Men Who Love Dogs on Instagram

Men love dogs, and we love men who love dogs. And dogs love everybody! Let’s all form a big cuddle-puddle!

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