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#ThisWeekInThirst: A Swole Cosplayer in Drag, Sweaty Rockstars and Hot Men In White Underwear

This week we saw our Senior Editor compete in Mr. Nude York, pornstar Boomer Banks’ move into condomless porn, and Gus Kenworthy in tighty-whiteys.

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Celebrate Math Hunk Pietro Boselli With 7 of His Hottest Moments

To celebrate his birthday, we round-up his sexiest moments for you, from Pietro Boselli naked pics to underwear campaigns, our list has it all.

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‘World’s Sexiest Math Teacher’ Pietro Boselli Accused of Racism Over New Video

Italian math teacher Pietro Boselli became famous because of his great looks, but the buzz around his latest video accuses him of unflattering racism.

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Pietro Boselli Sizzles in New Campaign for Bench Body (Photos)

Thanks to the good people at Bench Body Underwear, we have another reason to drool over 28-year-old fitness model Pietro Boselli

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New Shot Reveals Most of Italian Math Hunk Pietro Boselli’s Peen

If you’ve been waiting to see Pietro Boselli’s penis, we have a revealing shot that shows most of it — but damn those cock-blocking flowers!

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530K Internet Fans Fawn Over the Hottest Math Teacher in the World

The internet is going gaga for a math professor-slash-model working in London — but his popularity actually hints at a larger cultural issue that excludes most of us

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