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The Grandson of Singapore’s Founder Came Out as Gay, But When Will the Country #DecriminalizeLGBT?

Li Huanwu, the grandson of Singapore founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, came out as gay last month — could it lead to greater LGBTQ acceptance?

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Why Is Singapore Banning Foreigners from Its Pink Dot LGBTQ Event?

Singapore is banning foreigners from its annual Pink Dot LGBTQ event, and the reason has an international human rights group concerned

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It’s Time to Travel: Canada Decriminalizes Anal Sex!

Canada’s cleaning out their old, irrelevant laws — first on the chopping block: Anal sex!

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Singapore’s Pink Dot Urges Straights To Let Gays Know They Are Supported

Singapore’s third annual Pink Dot Festival will bring the nation’s LGBT population together along with the straights that adore and support them in Hong Lim Park on June 18. While the celebration is a bit of a commute for most of UB’s gay blog readers here in the States, Pink[…]

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