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Here Are the 15 Pokémon That Totally Turned Me Gay

I used to be straight and now I’m super-duper gay, and Pokemon is totally to blame, specifically these 15

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Editors' Picks
Here’s Everything We Know About the Just-Announced Pokémon Games Coming to Nintendo

Announced today, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be coming to the Nintendo Switch platform later this year

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This Artist Made Pride Versions of Popular Pokémon and We Gotta Catch ‘Em All

A pixel artist named Martin Lathbury has created a bunch of Pride Pokémon decked out in rainbow colors and leather gear to celebrate LGBTQ pride

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This Mashup of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 10 and Pokémon Is Giving Us Life

Sometimes things go together so well, but you don’t know it until you see it — that’s the case with these amazing mashups by Sindre Johnsen

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Porn Lovers Masturbated to These Video Game and Comic Book Characters the Most in 2017

The massive porntube site PornHub just compiled its most searched-for comic book and video game porn searches of 2017, and the results are electrifying

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Barry From the ‘Pokémon’ Cartoon Is an LGBTQ Activist in Real Life

If you watch ‘Pokémon’ or any other dubbed anime, you know Jamie McGonnigal’s voice — but what you might not know is that he’s a committed LGBTQ activist

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Vogue the Night Away In Mexico City Dressed as a Pokémon (Photos)

On February 25, the Historic City Center of Mexico City witnessed a unique event — the top voguing houses were invited to Pokémon Vogue

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Our 15 Favorite Drag Race Queens on Tumblr

Ooooh, girl. Where better to find some truly outrageous drag inspiration than the Tumblrs of Drag Race stars?

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Marvel at the 15 Best Cosplays on Tumblr

Planning a Halloween costume? Well, look no further than Tumblr, where creative types delight in posting their home-grown cosplay ideas!

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18 Halloween Costume Ideas for your Squad!

Looking for the best halloween costume for you and your friends? Here’s some some fun ideas!

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