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This Guy’s Self-Created Pornhub Channel Has Gone Viral, But Not for the Reasons You’re Thinking

Videos created by comedian Ryan Creamer have gone viral without featuring nudity or sex

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Karamo Brown Is Standing Up for Deaf and Hard Of Hearing ‘Queer Eye’ Fans (Updated)

After one fan brought the matter up on Twitter, Karamo Brown has pledged to do something for deaf ‘Queer Eye’ fans

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Calling All College Students: PornHub Wants to Give You $25,000 for Sex Research

If you’re a college student interested in doing research into human sexuality, you may have an unexpected benefactor — mainly, a $25,000 PornHub grant

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Here’s How to Access a Free 24 Hours of Pornhub Premium This Valentine’s Day

If you’re not having the best Valentine’s Day, it’s about to get a whole lot better — you can get free Pornhub Premium for 24 hours — who needs love anyway?

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You Clicked It (And Cranked It): Here Are PornHub’s Most Searched Gay Porn Stars

Everyone’s favorite filth-tastic smut tube Pornhub has released its end-of-year review of what specific content had us all playing the five knuckle shuffle.

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Porn Lovers Masturbated to These Video Game and Comic Book Characters the Most in 2017

The massive porntube site PornHub just compiled its most searched-for comic book and video game porn searches of 2017, and the results are electrifying

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The Hottest New Place to Watch Your Favorite Film or Broadway Musical Is … PornHub?

Over the holidays, porn-hungry web-surfers discovered that an anonymous user had uploaded the entire first act of Hamilton to PornHub

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Free Online Porn Could Be Dead Thanks to the FCC’s Net Neutrality Ruling

Sound the alarms. You can mess with our Netflix, and sure you can ruin our access to cat blogs, but fuck with free online porn? There will be war. But that’s exactly what could happen with the FCC’s recent ruling on net neutrality. Net neutrality is the idea that your internet[…]

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One Company Owns the Web’s Biggest Porn Tube Sites, and That’s a Problem

A company named MindGeek owns the internet’s most popular porn tube sites and one documentary film maker says that it has hurt porn performers and studios.

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We Need This App Making NSFW Nudes Slightly Safer for Work

Ever wanted a SFW way to send your dick pics — thanks to Pornhub and TrickPics, now you can replace your junk with a cute animated sticker

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