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Pornhub’s Year in Review: Here Are 5 LGBTQ Porn Trends That Defined 2021

It may not be the most titillating video on Pornhub, but it’s definitely the most insightful. Pornhub’s Year in Review annual video attempts to breakdown the biggest porn trends the platform saw in the previous 12 months, across all sexuality spectrums — so not just what straight men were searching[…]

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This Guy’s Self-Created Pornhub Channel Has Gone Viral, But Not for the Reasons You’re Thinking

Videos created by comedian Ryan Creamer have gone viral without featuring nudity or sex

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Karamo Brown Is Standing Up for Deaf and Hard Of Hearing ‘Queer Eye’ Fans (Updated)

After one fan brought the matter up on Twitter, Karamo Brown has pledged to do something for deaf ‘Queer Eye’ fans

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Calling All College Students: PornHub Wants to Give You $25,000 for Sex Research

If you’re a college student interested in doing research into human sexuality, you may have an unexpected benefactor — mainly, a $25,000 PornHub grant

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