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This Republican Politician Is Resigning After He Was Caught Catfishing Men With Female Nudes

GOP Illinois Rep. Nick Sauer is expected to resign today after using nude photos of his ex-girlfriend to catfish men into sex chat

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The New Facebook Revenge Porn Policy in Four Words: ‘Send Us Yr N00ds’

A new Facebook revenge porn policy launched yesterday where the platform wants you to preemptively send your nude photos so they can be blocked

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One Year After the Military’s Revenge Porn Scandal, Apparently Not Much Has Changed

Though the Pentagon has been investigating the military nudes scandal for the past year, the harassment, cyber bullying and revenge porn continues anyway

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MaleGeneral Makes Revenge Porn Even Worse By Mocking Its Victims

The 4chan spinoff site MaleGeneral has been posting nudes of men without their consent since 2008, calling those who complain ‘turds’

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