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We Asked These Gay Porn Stars to Write Us a Romantic Haiku (Yep, Seriously)

We enlisted some of our favorite gay porn stars to get us in the V-Day mood — not by stripping down but by writing haiku!

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Mexican Porn Actor Alejandro Castillo Talks Porn, Sex and Living With HIV

Porn performer Alejandro Castillo recently created a YouTube channel to explore issues around HIV and sexual health. In his first video he spoke openly about living with HIV. The declaration is groundbreaking, as he is one of the first openly HIV-positive porn actors in Mexico and across Latin America. Castillo[…]

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This New Social Media Scam Is Taking Advantage of Gay Men Who Want to Appear in Adult Films

A new gay porn scam involves someone posing as a Falcon Studios recruiter soliciting money from guys who want to appear in adult films.

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It Turns Out Anal Sex Is Not as Popular Among Gay Men as We Thought

Pretty much every porn movie shows guys having gay anal sex, but in reality most guys aren’t always having it, and many of them feel pretty bad about it

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