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Help Spread the Gay Agenda With These 5 LGBTQ Children’s Books

These books, based on real-life people and historical events, offer colorful drawings and easy words for learning and enjoyment

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Crazy Heteros Are At It Again: ‘Tis the Season for Eyeroll-Inducing Straight Pride Products

Oh, straight people.

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This Suspended Chicago Priest Is Hiding from ‘Rabid’ Gays After Publicly Burning a Pride Flag

Catholic priest Paul Kalchik was suspended after his Pride flag burning at Resurrection Parish in Chicago, and now he’s hiding from ‘rabid homosexualists’

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Restaurant Gets One-Star Yelp Review for Hanging Rainbow Flag Outside: ‘I’ve Had it with This Place’

“It’s clearly geared and catered ONLY to those who rally behind the rainbow flag.”

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