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The Daily Sting, Friday: A Gay London Landmark Saved, ‘Clueless’ Remake in the Works

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, a gay London landmark, has been saved with a 20-year lease, and a Clueless remake in the works

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Conservatives Are Literally Setting Their Shoes on Fire to Protest Nike’s Latest Ad Campaign

Conservatives have decided to protest Nike’s ads featuring Colin Kaepernick in a #BoycottNike campaign that involves them destroying their Nike products.

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This Statue of Trump as a Naked Serial Killer Clown Is Looming Over L.A.

The latest project from art collective INDECLINE is a naked Trump clown statue placed on a billboard in front of a quote from serial killer John Wayne Gacy

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Yesterday’s D.C. White Supremacist Rally Was Dwarfed by This Queer Dance Party

Yesterday’s white supremacist rally in Washington D.C. had about 20 or 30 people marching, but the LGBTQ dance protest Resisdance had many more

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