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MTV’s Moving New PSA Features Poz People Thanking Those Who Helped Them

The new ‘Thank Your Hero’ MTV PSA features HIV-positive people thanking those who helped them cope when they first got their diagnosis and then thrive.

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This Heartwarming Kiss Cam Video Proves Love Has No Labels (Videos)

When you see the new video for Love Has No Labels, featuring heartwarming kiss cam footage from this year’s NFL Pro Bowl, you’re sure to get misty-eyed

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WATCH: Stop Friends From Texting And Driving With Hand-Holding

A New Zealand PSA shows an affectionate way to keep drivers from texting: by putting your open hand in the way of their phones. Awwww!

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Sometimes God Tricks You Into Thinking You Like Other Men. God LOVES Pranks!

A word from Michele and Marcus Bachmann about stuffing your soft penis into your wife’s vagina. “God has a plan for everyone. And sometimes he tricks you into thinking you like other men. It’s just a trick! God loves pranks!” Michele and Marcus Bachmann on Homosexuality – watch more funny[…]

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It’s OK To Not Like Things

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NBA Stars Against Anti-Gay Language

It’s great to see NBA players confronting homophobia head on, even as Kobe Bryant dances around his offensive display. This PSA is a win!

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WATCH: Cutest Anti-Bullying Video EVER!

Irish non-profit Belong To has just launched one of the best anti-bullying campaigns that we have ever seen. Called “Stand Up – To Homophobic Bullying,” it targets youth and demonstrates to young people that they can and should stand up to gay bullying wherever and whenever you see it. It[…]

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