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Leading Psychological Association Says ‘Traditional Masculinity’ Harms Boys and Men

The American Psychological Association has officially linked it to aggression, homophobia and misogyny

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This Ridiculous Study Is Still Trying to Prove Conversion Therapy Actually Works

Anti-gay groups are crowing over a new study proving conversion therapy really works, but there are many rather apparent problems with the study

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Seeking a Sex-Positive Therapist? Here Are the 12 Questions You Should Ask Them

When you’re in the market for a sexually healthy, sex-positive therapist, here are 12 valuable questions to ask them

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Your Boyfriend Probably ‘Looks’ a Lot Like Your Dad, and This New Study Explains Why

A new study says sexual imprinting may explain why your romantic partner is twice as likely to have the same-eye color as your parent that matches their gender

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