5 Reasons Why The Website “Racists Getting Fired” Is A Horrible Idea

In its first eight hours the website Racists Getting Fired, a blog where internet vigilantes took screen shots of racist comments on Facebook and Twitter and “outed” these people to their employers, receiving over 15,000 submissions. In less than a week it amassed 40,000 followers. Many companies received complaints about their […]

“50 Shades Of Buscemi” And More…

We have a feeling that 50 Shades of Grey would be just a little less sexy if Steve Buscemi played the role of Christian Grey… just a little. You can see for yourself at the video below. But in the meanwhile, here’s a handful of other news stories that also caught our […]

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Mitt Romney: We Have To Hang Obama By The Neck

Although we’re a gay blog, we shine our rainbow spotlight on other issues we find equally deserving of your attention and/or outrage. We watched this press conference clip three times this morning and had to pick our jaws off of the desk after each time. Mitt Romney, a Republican presidential […]