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Here Are 7 Organizations Accepting Donations in the Fight for Black Lives

The United States of America are currently in the middle of an uprising. Not only has the death-by-police-officer of George Floyd in Minneapolis shined yet another light on the injustice, racism and police brutality faced by our Black brothers and sisters, but Americans everywhere are rising up to make their[…]

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This ‘Sailor Moon’ Fan Doesn’t Care He Loses Followers by Posting His Drag Cosplay

When cosplayer Leo Bane does crossplay as a ‘Sailor Moon’ character, not all of his fans like it, making us wonder: Is there a wrong way to do cosplay?

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Watch These Queer Men of Color Frankly Discuss the Racism They Encounter on Gay Apps

Many queer men of color experience racism on gay apps, so filmmaker Patrick Lee talked to 4 men of color about it and how we can make friendlier online spaces

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A 1971 John Wayne Interview Reveals the On-Screen Cowboy to Be a Homophobic Racist

For no overly apparent reason, the interview from Playboy magazine is making the rounds on social media, and not for the best of reasons

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