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Austria Rejected a Gay Iraqi Refugee for Acting ‘Too Girlish’

A gay Iraqi asylum seeker was rejected by Austrian authorities because they didn’t think he was authentically gay because he acted ‘too girlish.’

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A Refugee From Chechnya Shares How He Escaped Torture and Murder in the Anti-Gay Russian Republic

A Chechen refugee tells how he escaped kidnapping, detainment, torture and murder in one of the most violently anti-gay parts of the world

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Berlin’s Berghain Houses the World’s Most Exclusive Permanent Art Gallery

The Berlin club’s notoriously tough door policy, along with its no-photography rule, make the Berghain permanent art gallery the world’s most exclusive

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30 International Gay Cities the LGBT Community Will Flock to in 2017

Some cities just seem to beckon LGBTs, and we’ve gathered 30 of the world’s cities that are prime for exploration in 2017

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