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Ugandan Woman Wins Last-Minute Stay Of Deportion

We begged UB readers yesterday to please sign a petition to prevent Brenda Namigadde from being deported home to Uganda in the aftermath of LGBT activist, David Kato’s murder this week. We did it! The literally last minute temporary injunction came from a judge after Namigadde had already boarded a […]

kill the gays bill is back, kill the gays, uganda kill the gays, uganda kill the gays bill

Please Stop Lesbian’s Deportation To Uganda Tonight!

PLEASE. Brenda Namigadde is a lesbian woman who fled her home country of Uganda because of the hellfire that exists there for LGBT people. Uganda after all, is the country in which Rolling Stone magazine (not affiliated with the U.S. publication) published the names, photos and addresses of a hundred […]

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Is Handing Out A Pamphlet Suggesting Gays Be Killed A Crime?

The short answer: We’re all about to find out. Five men are being charged under Britain’s new hate speech laws for mailing and distributing a pamphlet entitled “The Death Penalty?” (Can’t you just picture the little flourish on the end from the question mark? It’s like, “The Death Penal-TEEEE?”) Razwan […]

Beautiful people smarter?

Are Beautiful People More Intelligent?

A new study that was researched in both America and the UK suggests that physical attractiveness is tied closely to intelligence. Handsome men averaged about 13 points over the average IQ, and beautiful women scored a little over 11 points higher than average. Lead researcher Satoshi Kanazawa said: “In the […]

If Jesus was British, would he have hated the gays?

January 9, 2007 British Christian groups petition the government to not allow equal rights for homosexuals. Love thy neighbor, indeed! It’s a slow historical news day at our gay blog, so get out there and make some. January 9 is ripe for the picking. Who will make January 9 the […]

LGBTQ rights have had a long and storied history in the United Kingdom. Of course, there have been numerous anti-LGBTQ laws in the U.K. over the last several centuries. But today, the U.K. stands out as one of the most gay-friendly places in the world. They gave us Adele after all.

Same-sex marriage was recently legalized throughout England, Scotland and Wales, while Northern Ireland allows civil partnerships. The Equality Act of 2010 is one of the most powerful anti-discrimination bills on the planet, protecting the rights of gay people across the U.K.

If you’re gay, you’ll find plenty of things to do and places to go in the United Kingdom. London and Manchester offer a thriving gay community with countless bars, hotspots, and clubs. Don’t forget that the British version of Queer as Folk took place on Canal Street, still widely known as one of the hottest gay destinations on the planet. You can also swing by the gay pride parade in Brighton, or grab a beer at the oldest gay bar in Edinburgh.

Go ahead, let your hair down and break out your favorite sequined tube top. The U.K. is a great place to be your queerest self.