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Mental Health
5 Things That Happen to Your Body After a Breakup

According to scientific research, a breakup is considered one of life’s most stressful events, with emotional and physical effects

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10 Reasons Why People Cheat on Their Partners

If you’ve ever wondered why people cheat, Dr. Chris Donaghue has compiled the 10 most common reasons for cheating, and what you can do to stop them

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Let’s Play a Game Called ‘Communist Propaganda Posters or Gay Couple’s Vacation Pics?’

These homoerotic Chinese-Soviet propaganda posters look more like a gay couple’s vacation pics

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7 Things to Consider About Monogamy and Finding a Healthy Relationship Style

Many don’t know that you can be sex-positive and still prefer monogamy, just like you can be sex-negative and prefer an open or poly relationship style.

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