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Rentboy CEO Sentenced to Six Months in Prison for Promoting Prostitution

Today saw the Rentboy CEO sentenced to six months in prison, but the CEO — Jeffrey Hurant — and others disagree with the law and its treatment of sex work

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Is New ‘Uber for Escorts’ App Rendevu the New Rentboy.com?

Rendevu is a mobile web app and on-demand platform for adult services that hopes to make the sex industry safer for both clients and escorts. 

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‘Prince Charming’ Contestants Are Freaking Out About His Sex Work Past

The Finding Prince Charming drama train barrels on ahead as two contestants accuse Logo TV of knowing about Robert Sepulveda’s past.

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Why We Published Nude Pics of Logo’s ‘Prince Charming’

A few people have asked about our decision to post Robert Sepulveda’s nude pics, so we thought it’d be a good idea to share some of our thinking.

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There’s Actually Some Good News About The Rentboy Case

Feds and the NYPD swept into the offices of Rentboy.com back in August, seizing $1.4 million. The case hasn’t moved forward at all, and that’s great news.

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VIDEO: The Heartwarming Love Story Behind Rentboy Rob Yaeger’s Escorting Career

The offices of Rentboy.com were raided last week by the Department of Homeland Security, sending the male escort world into total disarrray. Citing a 1961 statute called the Travel Act, seven Rentboy staffers were arrested and face the very real possibility of jail time for running what officials are calling[…]

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