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Hypnotize the Gay Away: Ten Ridiculous, Old-Timey ‘Cures’ for Homosexuality

Doctors used to think that implanting a straight man’s testicle into a gay man’s scrotum would cure his homosexuality. And if you think that’s weird…

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Mental Health
This Man Survived Two Years of Gay Conversion Therapy in a Church Basement

For two years in his youth, gay activist Darren Calhoun lived in his church basement and tried to “get right by God” under the guidance of his pastor

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David Yost, the Blue Power Ranger, Opens Up About His Breakdown Following Years of Conversion Therapy

David Yost, the Blue Power Ranger, quit the show over homophobic abuse and immediately went into conversion therapy — it made him have a mental breakdown

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25% of U.S. States Now Ban Gay Conversion Therapy, So What Happens Next?

25% of U.S. states now forbid so-called ex-gay conversion therapy for minors — here are the states expected to ban the dangerous form of torture next

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