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Sexuality Vs. Religion Infographic

So you want to masturbate, or get your gay on, or even get divorced, eh? Depending on your religion, any of these circumstances could land you in hot water. Tuesday’s daily gay infographic sizes up Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism to see how they treat issues like sexually active teenagers, […]

Bizarre Birth Control Methods Infographic

Pregnancy scare? This never would have happened had you been drinking beaver testicle tea like your grandmother told you to! Or was her trick to melt crocodile dung into your vagina? Today’s gay blog infographic got us looking so crazy right now. Anyone want a cola? Via

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Rep. Bobby Franklin: Miscarriages Are Prenatal Murder

Congressman Bobby Franklin (R) has introduced HB 1 to the Georgia legislature; a bill that would classify miscarriages as prenatal murder, and require authorities to investigate any fetus removed from a woman’s body that is not through live birth. …Just letting that sink in for a moment… Is this man […]