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Before Voting This Week, Know These 10 Openly LGBTQ U.S. Politicians

This year’s midterm elections are going to be hugely important; before you vote, make sure you know about these 10 queer candidates

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Drag Queen Ninny Nothin Wants You to ‘Be Whatever You Desire to Be’

Drag queen Ninny Nothin has just released her new single, ‘Be Whatever You Desire to Be,’ complete with a Haim-pastiche music video

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After Trump’s Win, There’s a Plan to Abolish the Electoral College

Clinton won the popular vote, but the Electoral College elected Trump. Both Clinton and Trump want it abolished, so why does it still exist?

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The Role of Ableism When an All-Abilties Park is Vandalized

When a park for disabled and abled kids alike is destroyed, what does this say about ableism in the world? And how does the community react to this news?

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Providence, Rhode Island Is The Unicorn Capital of the World

Given up any hope of ever seeing a unicorn in real life? Worry not! You CAN actually see a unicorn… you’ll just have to travel and keep your eyes open!

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Marriage News Watch: 5/2/2011

DOMA drama, King & Spalding, New Yorkers for Marriage Equality, and Rhode Island’s push for civil unions – all in this week’s Marriage News Watch.

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Anti-Gay Doctor Lies To Rhode Island Legislature About Gay Families

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse lied before the Rhode Island legislature about gay families in America, and then just to make sure everyone in the world knew she was perjuring herself, went ahead and recorded her testimony again in what appears to be her laundry room, before sharing it on YouTube. It’s[…]

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RI: Gay Battle Ground?

Only a day after gay blogs reported bills to legalize marriage equality in Rhode Island were introduced by openly gay House Speaker Gordon Fox (Woohoo!), Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas J. Tobin is getting all stank about it to reporters. Hush, man. Jesus loves. “It is particularly disturbing that our new[…]

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RI Reintroducing Marriage Equality Bill

Rep. Arthur Handy rallied up the support of 27 co-sponsors (and a bajillion gay blog readers) in order to reintroduce a marriage equality bill being championed by openly gay House Speaker Gordon D. Fox. Newly sworn in Governor, Lincoln Chafee said, “When marriage equality is the law in Rhode Island,[…]

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