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#TBT: Remember When Gus Kenworthy Made Out With a Hotdog (Video)

Openly gay former Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy recently posted a video of himself making out with a hot dog, and it’s got us feeling all tingly

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Trump’s Energy Secretary Rick Perry is Obsessed with Texas A&M’s Gay Student Body President

Rick Perry, former governor of Texas and Trump’s Secretary of Energy, is weirdly angry and obsessed about Texas A&M getting a gay student body president

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School Photos of the 14 U.S. Presidential Candidates

When you’re in high school, aspirations run like perspiration. Ambition sprouts like pubic hair. Promise is as part of high school as pimples. Well, here are photos of 16 high schoolers whose dreams of becoming president never died. In US politics, there’s no season more exciting than a presidential election[…]

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The History of STDs (Infographic)

Which STD’s are your grandma at risk for? 85% of Americans will become infected with WHAT in their lifetime?! And which STD literally makes the skin fall off your body?

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