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Lady Gaga Ends Target Deal!

Back in February when Lady Gaga announced her deal with Target, gay blogs freaked out. The gay community just wasn’t able to get over the fact that Target and its top executives had made hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations to anti-gay politicians. And really, we shouldn’t have […]

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What’s Up With The Lady Gaga Target Deal?

When Lady Gaga announced a deluxe edition of her album would be made available exclusively at Target stores, we immediately perked up. How could the Au courant Queen supreme of all things gay ally herself with a company that had been acting decidedly un-ally-like last year? Does a $150,000 donation […]

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“Proud Homosexual Man” Ricky Martin Working With Anti-Gay Target

Apparently Ricky Martin didn’t get the memo that Target donated $150,000 to homophobe Tom Emmer’s Minnesota gubernatorial campaign. And by homophobic, we mean homeboy vowed to veto an marriage equality legislation that came across his desk, and his campaign was closely tied to a rock band who sang “Kill the […]