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Authorities Aren’t Able to Corroborate Robbie Turner’s Uber Accident Story

People are seriously questioning Robbie Turner’s Uber accident story after authorities in Seattle aren’t able to corroborate it

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‘Drag Race’ Alum Robbie Turner Was Involved in a Fatal Car Crash But Made It Out Alive

Robbie Turner, the Seattle queen and ‘Drag Race’ alum was almost killed in a car accident that claimed the life of his Uber driver

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How Opera and Raves Gave Birth to Seattle Drag Superstar Mama Tits

She’s an international drag star now, but before she was Mama Tits, she was Brian, a big, flamboyant kid from Idaho

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Drag Race Star Robbie Turner Nearly Attempted Suicide As A Teen

Drag Race Star Robbie Turner reflects on growing up (literally) dirt poor, being forcibly outed as a drag queen, and the moment his mom finally understood drag.

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