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Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill is Back With a Vengeance

When it comes to dastardly named pieces of anti-gay legislation, Tennessee’s Don’t Say Gay Bill and Minnesota’s No Homo Promo may be tops in the U.S., but across the Atlantic Ocean Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill frighteningly reigns supreme. With the high profile murder of LGBT activist David Kato following the Ugandan […]

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What Wouldn’t Jesus Do? “Demonize Gays”

It turns out the Archbishop of Canterbury is an actual position held by Rowan Williams, and is not in fact, simply a character in Robin Hood movies and whatnot. We kid. Archbishop Williams has denounced Uganda’s Rolling Stone magazine (You know, the one that did THIS) for their refusal to […]

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Ugandan Woman Wins Last-Minute Stay Of Deportion

We begged UB readers yesterday to please sign a petition to prevent Brenda Namigadde from being deported home to Uganda in the aftermath of LGBT activist, David Kato’s murder this week. We did it! The literally last minute temporary injunction came from a judge after Namigadde had already boarded a […]

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Obama Releases Statement On Slain Ugandan LGBT Activist

We reported earlier today about David Kato, the Ugandan LGBT activist that was found bludgeoned to death by his neighbor, only weeks after his name, picture, and address were published in Uganda’s Rolling Stone magazine. President Barack Obama has released a statement on the tragic killing. I am deeply saddened to […]

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Uganda’s R.S. Called For Gay Killings – Now A Gay Activist Is Dead

A Uganda gay rights activist is dead, following Rolling Stone (No affiliation to the U.S. publication) magazine’s controversial “Hang The Gays” witch hunt. The magazine spent much of last year publishing the names, addresses, and pictures of over a hundred Ugandans accused of being homosexuals. These cover stories ran with […]