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ACT UP Was Unofficially Founded 32 Years Ago Today, Changing the Face of Queer Activism

On the unofficial birthday of Larry Kramer’s pioneering activist organization, we take you through ACT UP history, including the famous CBS News disruption

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Remembering Rock Hudson, Who Passed Away 33 Years Ago Today

Today is the 33rd anniversary of Rock Hudson’s death from AIDS-related complications, abandoned by his Republican friends, including Rona and Nancy Reagan

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It’s Now Been 33 Years Since President Reagan Finally Acknowledged the Existence of HIV/AIDS

One of the many shameful things of his presidency was the Ronald Reagan HIV response, or lack thereof; it was only into his second term he even said ‘AIDS’

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World AIDS Day: A Look at Its Origin and Its Future Under Trump

On Dec. 1, the entire world bows its head in remembrance of those we’ve lost while raising its voice in determination to beat the epidemic, but how did it start?

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