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INTERVIEW: A Taiwanese Marriage Equality Activist Talks Queer Rights

In our extended look at marriage equality in Taiwan, we sat down with a Taiwanese marriage equality activist.

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Dharun Ravi Pleads Not Guilty To 15 Charges of Bullying Tyler Clementi To Death

Dharun Ravi, the ex-roommate of Tyler Clementi at Rutgers University pleaded Not Guilty to 15 counts of criminal charges yesterday in a New Jersey courtroom. Which is strange since Ravi found himself the ex-roommate of Clementi only after he cyberbullied him into committing suicide by jumping off the George Washington[…]

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College Grad Skipping Graduation for NYC AIDS Walk

We stumbled across Christian Oliveira’s story this morning. Homeboy is skipping out on his graduation from Rutgers University (so is my sister, Christina!) this year in order to participate in the New York City AIDS Walk on behalf of his HIV-positive pal, Jay. I can hardly do his story justice[…]

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Tyler Clementi Harasser, Molly Wei Makes Deal To Avoid Jail, Criminal Charges

Molly Wei made gay blog headlines last year after she and Dharun Ravi bullied fellow Rutgers student Tyler Clementi into committing suicide. Wei and Ravi, who was Clementi’s roommate in the school dorms, set up a laptop camera and attempted to film and broadcast Clementi having sex with another male[…]

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