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San Diego Gayborhood Hillcrest Is Flying Its Pride Flag at Half-Mast for John McCain

There’s a kerfuffle happening in San Diego, as the city’s gayborhood put its rainbow flag at half-mast for the senator’s death

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Nerdgasms Ahead: 15 Fabulous Things That Came Out of Comic-Con 2018

So many queer geeks weren’t able to make it out this year, so we’ve compiled a list of 15 things that came out of Comic-Con 2018

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Our 47 Favorite Cosplay Images From San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Here’s your ultimate gallery for 2018 Comic-Con cosplay featuring a gender-bent Rapunzel, Mark Hamill as Darth Donald and lots of superheroes

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The Ultimate 2018 Pride Calendar: 100 International Celebrations of the LGBTQ Community

Our ultimate pride calendar features 100 international LGBTQ pride events happening all over the world this upcoming year

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LGBT Military Group Honors Pulse Nightclub Hero Who Saved 70 People

Imran Yousuf helped 70 people escape the Pulse nightclub on the night of the Orlando Shooting. He may not consider himself a hero, but one LGBT Military group does.

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PHOTOS: A Gallery Of Orlando Vigils Around The World

When tragedy happens, the entire world is united in solidarity. Here’s a gallery of photographs from vigils from New York, Barcelona, Thailand and more.

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Ex-San Diego Padres DJ Explains Gay Men’s Chorus Mistake

It turns out that playing the recording of the woman singing the national anthem over the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus was a most unfortunate mistake. (Sadly, the jeering from the crowd was not a mistake.)

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Major League Baseball Team Humiliates Gay Men’s Chorus

On Harvey Milk Day, the San Diego Padres invited the local gay men’s chorus out to sing the national anthem. What happened instead was an embarrassment.

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CA Catholic Church Refuses Gay Man His Funeral

San Diego, California devout Catholic and local businessman John Sanfilippo died last week from complications due to emphysema. Sanfilippo, who left a large sum in his will to his church, had made arrangements for his funeral to be held at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in Little Italy,[…]

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