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Sacha Baron Cohen Zings Pro-Trump Fools and Trolls Sarah Palin in His Show’s Final Episode

Before his show ‘Who Is America?’ ever aired, she spoke about a controversial Sacha Baron Cohen Palin interview. But the last laugh seems to be on her

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Wikileaks Caught Hillary Talking Off the Record About Gay Rights

A Wikileaks document-dump reveals that Hillary has some thoughts on queer people her campaign isn’t quite ready to share with the world. But share we must.

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From ‘The Donald’ to ‘Cauke for President,’ Here Are Our Top 5 Political Porn Parodies

PornHub’s just released a new VR porn film starring you as Donald Trump — which got us to thinking, what are the best political porn parodies?

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What Happens If the Republicans Try To Dump Trump…

Republican efforts to stop Donald Trump may be too little, too late. Here’s what could happen if they try to steal the nomination from him.

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