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Trump Administration Says It Wants to Lead Global Effort to Decriminalize LGBT People

While a concrete strategy isn’t yet laid out, the administration reportedly has plans to launch a global campaign

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Editors' Picks
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Accuses ‘National Enquirer’ of Extortion and Blackmail Over Nude Pics

The Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner has accused the paper’s parent company of attempting to blackmail him

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The Latest ‘Sims’ Game Has Just Been Banned in 7 Countries for Pro-LGBT Content

Seven countries banned ‘The Sims: Freeplay;’ Electronic Arts claims it’s over ‘regional standards,’ but it’s assumed the Sims ban is over pro-LGBT content

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‘Black Panther’ Will Be the First Movie Screened in a Saudi Arabian Movie Theater in 35 Years

The premiere will happen April 18, a few months after the rest of the world but long overdue for the Middle Eastern nation

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Saudi Police Tortured and Killed Two Trans Pakistanis for Wearing Women’s Clothing

Saudi Arabian police tortured and killed two transgender Pakistanis on Tuesday after arresting them for wearing women’s clothing

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Is WikiLeaks Outing Gay Saudi Arabians?

WikiLeaks has posted a ton of data about private Saudi Arabian citizens — including HIV status and the names of people arrested for homosexuality. WTF?!

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Insane Gay Rumors Surround Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Saudi Arabia

Loads of insane-sounding gay rumors are swirling around the two Presidential candidates; no, Hillary’s not funded by Saudi Arabia, and no, Trump doesn’t like “the gays”.

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Queerbash: This Month In LGBTQ Struggles Around The World

Our monthly roundup looks at homophobic legislation and anti-LGBTQ violence around the world.

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