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There’s No Way Donald Trump Didn’t Personally Write This Scott Pruitt Resignation Letter

If you haven’t read the Scott Pruitt resignation letter from the disgraced head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it’s brown-nosing at its worst

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White Man Adopts Asian Name To Advance In Lucrative Poetry World

Michael Derrick Hudson sometimes uses a Chinese woman’s name to get his poems published, and claims that he’s been very successful.

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Accused Gay Priest: Let Them Measure My Anus and See If It Is Dilated

A Spanish priest, Andrés García Torres, who has a parish in the Madrid dormitory town of Fuenlabrada has said he will go to Rome to show that he is being expelled from his parish unfairly. It comes after the Bishop of Getafe has demanded that he goes under psychiatric therapy[…]

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Michele Bachmann is ‘Proud’ of Her Clinic’s Unethical, Dangerous, Medically Unsound Work

We told you recently about Truth Wins Out’s undercover reporter, John Becker, and his scandal-inducing report that Bachmann & Associates is practicing unethical ex-gay therapy that is universally denounced by every major medical, psychological and psychiatric association in the country. Today, with a little help from Diane Sawyer, we bring[…]

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