Scarlett Johansson

A Brief Guide To Boogers (Infographic)

Where my rhinotillexomaniacs at? Holla! Picking your nose is gross, but so is swallowing the gallon of mucus a day that drips down your throat from your nose. Today’s infographic has up gagging, but we learned so much! Like just how many people pick their nose? How many then turn that […]

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Lohan, Alba, Johansson, Biel: Hottie Body Humpilates!

Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Lindsay Lohan, Minka Kelly, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria, Kelly Ripa, and Emily Blunt all have one thing in common. They’ve all dated Justin Timberlake. Wait, that’s not right. That’s just Johansson and Biel. They all used to be disgustingly obese hippopotamuses that nobody could […]