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SF Giants Will Be First Pro-Sports Team to Say ‘It Gets Better’

After creating an online petition, Sean Chapin of San Francisco has successfully convinced the SF Giants to become the first sports team to make an It Gets Better video.

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Don’t Cry For Me, Speaker Boehner

Sean Chapin, the YouTube rising star who brought us the Target Anti-Gay Born This Way Remix, is at it again. He personally dropped off his newest video at the Unicorn Booty Stable. OK, he emailed it to us. Whatever. Feast your eyes and ears on Don’t Cry For Me, Speaker[…]

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Target Anti-Gay Born This Way Remix

“I’m feeling very betrayed because you think it’s OK – To fund these bigot politicians who are anti-gay – They’ll take our freedoms away. Our civil rights will decay – I’ve got to ask you Target, are you anti-gay?”

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