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Newly Discovered Tapes Show Sean Hannity Spreading Lies About AIDS and Gay People

The Washington Post discovered tapes this week where Sean Hannity made various false statements about HIV and gay people while he was on the radio in 1989

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Racists Freak Over Walmart Dropping Confederate Flags, And It’s Magical

Walmart & other major retailers will no longer sell Confederate flag merchandise, and fans of the Stars ‘n Bars are throwing a hissy fit — and it’s magical.

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Sarah Palin: Blah, blah, blah, Hit Me Baby One More Time

Sarah Palin appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program last night to whine about Vice President Joe Biden comparing the Tea Party to domestic terrorists for their part in nearly collapsing the entire national financial system and throwing the country – no, the world – into a second Great Depression.[…]

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Former Ohio Sec. of State: Sesame Street Turns Boys Into Prom Queens

Now that Glee’s second season has drawn to a close, the program can kick its feet up and relax as conservatives find other television shows to blame their weird sexual obsessions on. Like for instance, Sesame Street. Former Ohio Secretary of State used a guest spot on Sean Hannity’s FOX[…]

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