sex education

sex education

VIDEO: There’s No Actual Education In American Sex Education

Let’s talk about sex… education classes. Just like actual sex, they can be uncomfortable, uninformative and quite unsatisfactory, but it sure beats talking to your parents about sex, right? John Oliver, the host of HBO’s comic news show Last Week Tonight recently covered the ridiculous inconsistencies and anti-gay attitudes in American sex education classes — turns […]

Bizarre Birth Control Methods Infographic

Pregnancy scare? This never would have happened had you been drinking beaver testicle tea like your grandmother told you to! Or was her trick to melt crocodile dung into your vagina? Today’s gay blog infographic got us looking so crazy right now. Anyone want a cola? Via

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Absolutely Priceless Photo of Students In First Sex-Ed Class

Chicago Tribune reporter Vicki Ortiz Healy had the distinct pleasure of attending the first sex education class for seventh grade students at Westview Hills Middle School in Willowbrook, Illinois this week. Jackie Gill, of the Robert Crown Center for Health Education, was on hand to teach the students about puberty […]

Old Timey Sex Education Penis Manual – Fun!

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at this penis manual from an old timey boys school’s sex education class is how limited the variety of penises was in the old days. No corkscrew? No pineapple? No chode? No Medusa-lap with two dozen penises growing from the same groin? Hell-oooo! […]