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Thousands of Canadian Students Walked Out of Class as a Protest for Better Sex Ed

Students led a walkout after Ontario Premiere Doug Ford repealed the 2015 curriculum that dealt with LGBTQ issues and consent

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Trump Will Spend Millions on ‘Abstinence Only’ Sex Ed That Is Anti-LGBTQ and Useless

Obama helped reduce teen pregnancy and abortion rates to historic lows through comprehensive sex ed, but Trump will now only fund abstinence-only sex ed

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Hornet x Planned Parenthood: How Does One Handle Sexual Rejection in a Mature Way?

This fourth installment aimed at helping men communicate and practice consent in sexual situations addresses a topic no one likes

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Hornet x Planned Parenthood: Dispelling Some Common Misconceptions About Consent

After looking at ‘what is consent?’ and the fact that ‘yes, consent can be sexy,’ let’s dispel some common misconceptions about consent

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