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New Open-Air Urinals in Paris Are Causing Outrage Among the City’s Residents

Uritrottoirs, open-air Paris urinals, have been placed around the city to curb public urination, but they’re causing controversy over the lack of privacy

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‘F*ck ISIS’ Is a Dating Simulation Game Where You Kill (and Date) Hunky Terrorists

We’re unsure about new game called ‘Fuck ISIS: The Super Patriotic Dating Simulator’ where you play a horny teen assassin who dates and kills terrorists

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This Gay New Yorker Was Kicked Out of Planet Fitness for Sporting a Crop Top (Updated)

We recently came across a post by Justin Heim, co-founder of Bad Apple Boylesque and a dancer who works under the name Jason Waterfalls, in which he describes an unfortunate incident at a Planet Fitness gym in New York City. Heim alleges that Planet Fitness exhibited homophobic and sexist behavior towards[…]

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This Genderqueer Activist and Model Made a Video to Fight Instagram’s Nipple Policy

Rain Dove, a genderqueer activist and model, just posted a shirts-and-skins basketball video to point out the hypocrisy in Instagram’s policy against ‘female nipples’

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