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If the Rumors Are True, Lindsey Graham Is Just the Latest in a Legacy of GOP Sex Scandals

Lindsey Graham has been accused — as of now with no corroborating evidence — of soliciting male sex workers. But even if that speculation turn out to be true, does that make him gay? He’s certainly not a member of the “gay community,” and likely never will be, given his[…]

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New Book About Gay Priests Also Makes Controversial Link Between Sex Abuse and Homosexuality

The book suggests a link between sex abuse in the Catholic Church and the secrecy required from gay priests

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Bryan Singer Faces 4 Brand-New Allegations of Sex With Underage Boys

A bombshell exposé in The Atlantic has accused the director of four brand-new allegations

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Kavanaugh’s Roommates Spill Tea While Gay Penguins Become Parents

Read all about the gay penguin parents, the Supreme Court nominee’s drunkenness and more in our weekly before-brunch news roundup

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