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Every day it seems like there's a new set of pictures of the hottest men and women, whether it's the latest celebrity deemed "the hottest man alive" or everyday hotties from the best online dating sites. The public interest in sexy people makes sense: they provide an uncensored view of pop-culture's most visible stars and portray them in a vulnerable and sexual light that is relatable, human and sometimes at odds with their polished, sanitized public personas. But sexy people are interesting too, not just celebrities — the human body is beautiful, whether when it's nude and covered in hundreds of gallons of honey or when it's clothed in the greatest fashions.
6 of Our Favorite Gay Porn Stars Reveal Their Best Workout and Dieting Tips

We asked six gay porn stars for their best fitness tips. Here’s what they told us alongside some sexy shots from their workouts.

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We Asked a Gay Ethics Professor About Posting Pics of Hot Guys Online Without Their Consent

TubeCrush and BoyCulture are two websites that regularly feature pics of sexy guys out in public, but are such sites ethical, even if they’re legal?

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This Instagram Account Full of Studs Also Provides a Powerful Gay History Lesson

Photographer Mike Balaban’s Instagram account pairs beautiful photography with powerful captions that are a gay history lesson we all need

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This 52-Year-Old Hunk Will Leave You in a Pool of Your Own Drool

According to the website, Mothership, and researches from another Chinese site, ChuanDo is fifty years old. If ChunDo is fifty years old, we applaud his discipline on taking great care of himself

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